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The various state registration authorities first issued number plates around the turn of the century in the early 1900's, as a way of identifying and licensing road users.

Unlike for example in the UK, plates often were transferred from vehicle to vehicle by owners and became "family" or heirloom type plates, with today many families still retaining and cherishing "their" original issue low number plates.

This connection with the past is what first drew us at Historic Plates to plates themselves, which are a tangible link to the earliest days of motoring in our states.

Stewart Kay first started brokering and selling historic plates in 1986, just a year after attending The Great Plate Auction held in 1985, the first time Rights to Historic Plates were offered by the SA Government.

With over 30 years experience in selling fine, rare, distinctive and special plates Australia wide, Historic Plates are Australia's only specialist dealers & online auctioneers of Historic & Heritage Plates. Having held live auctions in Queensland and SA, and selling the finest of Heritage plates in WA, NSW, Victoria and SA and Qld, we have handled the sale of some of Australia's most valuable and distinctive plates, including SA '3', SA '6' and Qld Q '8' amongst others. 

Historic Plates are the experts in this special field.

As investments Historic and Heritage plates have outperformed many similar investment classes, as well as being a distinctive and enjoyable finishing touch to the finest of classic and modern motor cars.

See www.historicplates.com.au for more plate news, information and history. Contact Stewart Kay directly on 0401 722 222 to discuss the sale or auction of your special Heritage or Historic plate, no matter what state you are in.